Théophore Kabeya Tama, better known as “Bringhim Backalive” is an all around hip hop artist with heavy sound, a voice that speaks to all people, and a mission to bring positivity and hope to his generation through his own musical creations. Born in Congo in 1993 but raised in Belgium, Bringhim started rapping and composing at the age of nine inspired by rapper Lil Bow Wow, and following in his big brother’s footsteps. In 2009, he released his first mixtapes under the name “Bay-B Da Kid » which brought him national recognition, allowing him to perform on the biggest music festivals in Belgium as well as being featured as a Resident Host for MTV parties. He was amongst artist that helped to pave the way for urban music and artists to come.

Bringhim is also an (Live Set) DJ and sound engineer. He has collaborated with Wiebe “DJ Dysfunkshunal” Hennes (DMC World Champ) and other notorious artists till, in 2012, Anthony Dent (grammy-winning producer of The Notorious B.I.G.’s “I’ll Be Missing You” and Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor) signed him to his label “State of Mind”.

Evolving under his own L.OV.E Life imprint in partnership and powered by Brussels based KATCH Music after parting ways with his former manager and owner of « Vangarde Music » Dimitri Borrey, Bringhim is more mature and refined artist ready to show the world the full extent of his talent.

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